Feb 25

Panther Sports Academy “Premier Programs”

 This program will only be offered to a limited number of committed students and parents that are willing to commit for a set period of time (3 month minimum commitment to be considered into the program).
Panther Sports Academy Premier Programs Sports offering:
* Soccer  (Ages 6 and up)
* Basketball (Ages 6 and up)
* Volleyball (Ages 8 and up)
* Wrestling ‍ (Ages 8 and up
* Combination sports exploration program (2 sports) for younger children ages 6 and up.
Linking personal development with sports skills development with Private and Semi-private sessions.
If interested in obtaining more information, and to find out if Panther Sports Academy “Premier Programs” is a good fit for your child, and if it can serve your child’s needs, please email David Cuervo at dcuervo@panthersportsacademy.com to schedule a brief phone conference.